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Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging (DOBIĀ®) Technology Exhibited at South American Medical Conference

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Mahwah, NJ, April 18,  2004 – DOBI Medical International, Inc. (DBMI.OB) announced today their Dynamic Optical Breast Imaging (DOBIĀ®) technology, commercially known as the ComfortScan® system, will be featured at the 35th Jornada Paulista de Radiologia (JPR) Conference, April 21-24, at the ITM Convention Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The system will be displayed in the Advanced Imaging, Ltd. exhibition booth (#65). One of the largest radiology conferences in the region, the JPR Conference draws approximately 8,000 people from around the world.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer reports that Brazil has the highest incidence of breast cancer in South America and that breast cancer is responsible for approximately 25% of all new cancer cases in Brazilian women. The Instituto Brasileiro de Controle do Cancer (IBCC) in Sao Paulo, Brazil is currently conducting clinical studies of the ComfortScan system under the direction of Dr. Joao Sampaio Goes.

A leading medical distributor, Sao Paulo-based Advanced Imaging, Ltd. is the Brazilian distributor of the ComfortScan system.

The DOBI Medical ComfortScan system is a noninvasive, nonionizing imaging system that uses light-emitting diodes and gentle external pressure to identify tumor angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels, in the breast. Tumor angiogenesis has been scientifically linked with malignant tumors as a key element in their growth and development. Since most common imaging technologies do not detect angiogenesis, the ComfortScan system, in conjunction with screening mammography, can potentially improve a physician's ability to accurately diagnose breast cancer.

For more information on DOBI Medical or the ComfortScan system, visit For more information on Advanced Imaging, visit

About DOBI Medical International, Inc.

DOBI Medical is a microcap, developmental stage, medical imaging company working to create a new means for the improved diagnosis of cancer through the detection of abnormal vascularization ("angiogenesis") associated with tumors. DOBI Medical International’s first application of the technology is the ComfortScan system, a gentle, noninvasive, and non-ionizing, optical imaging system designed to assist physicians in the detection and management of breast cancer. The ComfortScan system is intended to achieve this by providing new, physiology-based imagery of abnormal vascularization in the breast that is not readily available today. The ComfortScan system has its CE Mark and UL for international sales, and DOBI Medical is a certified ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 13485 company. The ComfortScan system is not yet commercially available in the U.S. as it is limited by U.S. law to investigational use as an adjunct to mammography until approved by the FDA, which cannot be guaranteed.


Statements contained in this press release may contain information that includes or is based upon certain "forward-looking statements" relating to our business. These forward-looking statements represent management's current judgment and assumptions, and can be identified by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. Forward-looking statements are frequently accompanied by the use of such words as "anticipates," "plans," "believes," "expects," "projects," "intends," and similar expressions. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors, including without limitation, those relating to our ability to timely and successfully complete our patient clinical trials; our ability to timely and successfully complete and submit our premarket approval application to the FDA; the timely and final approval by the FDA of our ComfortScan system as a adjunct to mammography, which approval in the U.S. cannot be assured; the success of product development and research efforts; our ability to timely meet U. S. and foreign government laws and industry standards; our ability to meet U.S. and foreign medical device quality regulation standards required to maintain our CE Mark, and ISO, UL and FDA export certifications; our ability to timely deliver our products into international markets; the acceptance and use of our ComfortScan system by physicians, imaging clinics, and patients; and our ability to obtain third party reimbursement from U.S. and foreign government and private payers.
Any one of these or other risks, uncertainties, other factors, or any inaccurate assumptions may cause actual results to be materially different from those described herein or elsewhere by us. We caution readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date they were made. Certain of these risks, uncertainties, and other factors are described in greater detail in our filings from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which we strongly urge you to read and consider, including our 2004 Annual Report on Form 10-KSB, all of which may be accessed from our website at Subsequent written and oral forward-looking statements attributable to us or to persons acting on our behalf are expressly qualified in their entirety by the cautionary statements set forth above and elsewhere in our reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. We expressly disclaim any intent or obligation to update any forward-looking statements.

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